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Sound Ecological Endeavors (Sound Eco) is an ecological consulting sole proprietorship specializing in:
        -    Ecological Risk Assessment at Hazardous Waste Sites 
        -    Wetland/Critical Areas Delineation, Reporting, and Permitting
        -    Ecological Surveys including stream invertebrate sampling/reporting
        -    Endangered Species Permitting 
        -    GPS Surveying and mapping (CAD)
        -    Field Data Collection and Sampling,Including Remote Area Access

Sound Eco is owned and operated by Mr. Rone Brewer, and was originally formed in 1995 as a part time endeavor.  After 14 years working for, and commuting to, several different large/medium-sized national Seattle-area environmental firms, in April 2004 Sound Eco transformed into a full time ecological consulting business, filling a niche that has proved to be difficult for many firms to maintain given intermittent need for the expertise.  Thanks to excellent clients, over five years later, Sound Eco is doing good business in many parts of Washingotn, Oregon, and Idaho.

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